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Page 396

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  1. Still thinking this has to be some sort of a dream.
    or maybe I am just wishing there is more of plot that fuck scenes (which don’t get me wrong are great – but I also want plot and plot moving forward….)

  2. Iv been waiting for this for a month!!!! sooooo happyyy!!!!#!!!!
    OHH its real, its dam real!!!
    Trev, This a porn comic my nig, this is the plot
    enslaving lois literally is current flavor sub plot and its a fuccing master piece !!!

    I think my nigga bat is skeeting parrasites into wemon as well to enslave them, just like black pharo dose… because it appeared ww infected the asian healer chick with a fucking eye nose parrasite instantly post a few touches ….

    I tell everyone i know pharo is geius, in my opinion greatest black white artist of our time
    Tip your fap dealer!

    because marvel and dc have crossover . multiverse cross dymensional crossovers
    iv still got my fingers crossed the scarlet witch, kang, wasp, ultron , mutants esc make an appearance in page 600- 800 ish
    fingers crossed
    happy fapping x3000 fellow cultured Black Pharo followers

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