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  1. Honestly? The Epilogue blares out for a Sequel!
    Especially with the many open Questions:
    – What happened to Supergirl?
    – Where are the other victims of Joker and Wonder Woman?
    – What about Wonder Woman herself?

    1. not to mention “Isn’t there a Lil Joker out there somewhere?” Plus redeeming some of them would be a nice change of pace too. the Plot Armor trope gets old after awhile.

      1. Are You really sure about that?
        Really, really sure?
        Thanks to Zatanna (and the Kryptonite… plus the Venom/Miraclo-Drug), Wonder Woman would have the Possibility to jokerize Supergirl. Even the whole world. Or at least try.

        Also, I don’t think the Superheroes would just step aside and let Wonder Woman pick up where the Joker had to stop.
        The Possibilities that arise for the Author here …

        I’ll stick with it: I smell a Sequel.

        1. dude it was a joke.of course WW fucks her.i don´t know if we need a sequel with WW fucking everbody with a strapon and turn them in one fuck or one kiss from batowoman.
          a prequel with the joker fucking batgirl,black cannary,huntress,catwoman,poison ivy,zatanna and batwoman looks more interesting for me.

          1. *grins gleeful* I know You were joking, sir.
            Actually, there should have been an evil grinning emoji in my answer.
            But that was not taken over.

            * gets serious *
            A Prequel in which the Joker fucks everyone, or …
            A Sequel in which Wonder Woman fucks everyone.

            Don’t be angry, but … We already know how the Prequel will end.
            Aside from the Question “How exactly did this happen?” a Prequel offers nothing New in my Opinion.

            While a Sequel, on the other hand, can answer many open Questions.
            – What exactly happened to Supergirl?
            – Where are the other Victims of Joker and Wonder Woman and what will happens
            next to them?
            – What about Wonder Woman herself?
            – What happened to Joker Junior?
            In addition, I would find it very interesting and amusing to see how the League (if they ever get together again) or the Superheroes in general struggle against WW.
            Or now it’s the Turn of the Supervillains.

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