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  1. So what, women getting Jokerized is now like a zombie apocalypse? Nobody will stand a chance against Jokerized Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Zatanna. We saw what happened to in JL Damned Souls and all three installments of Dceased.

    1. It creates an interesting problem, one that the heroes can overcome in the comics. On here, not so much. This would probably fall into the dark multiverse storyarc, where the villains win.

      It was a very well told story.

  2. I wish we could get a panel or two of WW returning to Harley now. Replaying how the story started.

    How different it would be.

  3. Blackpharouh your comics are very good and sexy stories especially The Inner Joke One and rest is also very good .
    But I have one request could you make one comic for Wonder Woman into drug addiction or For Captain Marvel drug addiction means how DC most universe Heroines ruined her life from Drug addiction , if you consider I will very grateful to you .

  4. it would be cool if there is a sequel so that we can find out what happened to the characters

  5. Uma das melhores que já li, tava em busca do autor para parabenizar. Falta pra muito leitores que gostam esse tipo de hóstia. Espero continua em breve! Abraço

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