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  1. What’s interesting about this scenario is it’s nowhere NEAR as apocalyptic as , say, Forsaken Souls or even The Inner Joke. Regardless of what the people over at Death battle say, Zatanna is FAR from undefeatable, and the mind control is kinda blatant here, right down to the freaking glowing tattoos. She’s not operating under her own will power any more. this is more “villian of the month” territory.

  2. Actually, the entire thing reminds me of that old issue of Superman where you had a castoff from Apocalypse named Sleez (discarded because Darkseid found his form of evil to…petty to bother with) mind control Superman and Big barda to try and make a porno together. In THAT case it didn’t work because he was quite unable to make it look remotely authentic., and they eventually broke free. This is diffrent in that Zatanna was more guided than forced into something she blatantly DIDN”T want to do…but it’s still mind control. It’s also a bit amusing that in a way, Traci was the one who got her into this mess.

  3. Last panel: The Guy, second from left, partially obscured by the Speech Bubble.
    He looks like Nyarlathotep.
    At least there is a Resemblance to Nyarlathotep.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but I remember something about this one having a sequel. Or is Allowance next?

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