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Portraits of corruption – Black Pharaoh Comix
Portraits of corruption

Portraits of corruption

A multiverse of corruption, mind control and moral degradation.

In the vastness of the multiverse, many realities stray from the path we know, they sank into darkness, despair and hopelessness, realities where the bad guys won where the heroes fell and sometimes succumbed to their deepest, darkest impulses. This is a visual record of some of those realities that went wrong.


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      1. It is from an episode of Superfriends — one of my all time favorites. Here’s a link to a clip on YouTube.


        Wonder Woman and other heros would often be turned into evil characters. WW was definitely the one that got turned the most often. I used to think how awesome would it be if WW, Jayna and Medula had a hot threesome.

        1. I forgot about this one, those Superfriends writers had a kinky proclivity for mind control and transformation, and Wonder Woman was in the center of that most of the time. Later when the cartoon changed to the Legendary Superpower, Darkseid’s chronic obsession for his Wonder Woman waifu was “legendary”

          1. No kidding! Lots of mind control and transformation.

            Other than the “Mind Maiden” episode with Medula, one of my favorites was when Wonder Woman was turned into “Bizaro Wonder Woman.” Another favorite was when she was turned evil by Dr. Cranium’s “Brain Machine.”

            Unfortunately, Wonder Woman escaped being turned into a vampire in the two vampire themed episodes of Superfriends.

            Definitely lots of good material for Portraits of Corruption or even a new comix series!

          2. I really wanted to see her turned into a vampire, still we got to see her turn into a lizard creature and a goblin. Curiously I was having this same conversation with a friend some weeks ago and the Dr. Cranium chapter was mentioned too.

  1. Traveling down memory lane of WW transformations or mind control on Superfriends …

    -Dr. Cranium
    -Big ugly mutant in “the beasts are coming”
    -Hobbit looking thing
    -Darkseid brainwashing
    -Pirate brainwashing

    I think that covers everything that I can think of .

  2. Pirate episode had some character named Sinbad, who recruited crew members by zapping them with a ray. The ray brainwashed the captive. There were no physical transformation. The Darkseid one was similar. One of Darkseid’s crannies used a gizmo to make WW turn into Darkseid’s bride. No physical transformation either.

    The Mind Maidens episode with Medula is still the best mind control/transformation of them all.

  3. Who’s the character with the yellow butt and arms in the latest portrait of corruption? What is the difference in color for the neck braces?

  4. I feel like I remember one where she got turned into a bee and had bee eyes and antennas for a bit while being controlled, but that was an old one I think. As a kid i thought it was a bizarre concept, then i found out about that sort of thing on the internet.

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