Portraits of corruption

Portraits of corruption

A multiverse of corruption, mind control and moral degradation.

In the vastness of the multiverse, many realities stray from the path we know, they sank into darkness, despair and hopelessness, realities where the bad guys won where the heroes fell and sometimes succumbed to their deepest, darkest impulses. This is a visual record of some of those realities that went wrong.

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      1. It is from an episode of Superfriends — one of my all time favorites. Here’s a link to a clip on YouTube.


        Wonder Woman and other heros would often be turned into evil characters. WW was definitely the one that got turned the most often. I used to think how awesome would it be if WW, Jayna and Medula had a hot threesome.

        1. I forgot about this one, those Superfriends writers had a kinky proclivity for mind control and transformation, and Wonder Woman was in the center of that most of the time. Later when the cartoon changed to the Legendary Superpower, Darkseid’s chronic obsession for his Wonder Woman waifu was “legendary”

          1. No kidding! Lots of mind control and transformation.

            Other than the “Mind Maiden” episode with Medula, one of my favorites was when Wonder Woman was turned into “Bizaro Wonder Woman.” Another favorite was when she was turned evil by Dr. Cranium’s “Brain Machine.”

            Unfortunately, Wonder Woman escaped being turned into a vampire in the two vampire themed episodes of Superfriends.

            Definitely lots of good material for Portraits of Corruption or even a new comix series!

          2. I really wanted to see her turned into a vampire, still we got to see her turn into a lizard creature and a goblin. Curiously I was having this same conversation with a friend some weeks ago and the Dr. Cranium chapter was mentioned too.

          3. Diana’s change into a vampyr was in Earth-43. It is too bad they never tell or show how she was changed. Bat-man’s change in Red Rain and Ultraman from some ‘Superman army’ change was the only 1’s that were shown. Of course, Ultraman was not really a corruption.

  1. Traveling down memory lane of WW transformations or mind control on Superfriends …

    -Dr. Cranium
    -Big ugly mutant in “the beasts are coming”
    -Hobbit looking thing
    -Darkseid brainwashing
    -Pirate brainwashing

    I think that covers everything that I can think of .

  2. Pirate episode had some character named Sinbad, who recruited crew members by zapping them with a ray. The ray brainwashed the captive. There were no physical transformation. The Darkseid one was similar. One of Darkseid’s crannies used a gizmo to make WW turn into Darkseid’s bride. No physical transformation either.

    The Mind Maidens episode with Medula is still the best mind control/transformation of them all.

  3. Who’s the character with the yellow butt and arms in the latest portrait of corruption? What is the difference in color for the neck braces?

  4. I feel like I remember one where she got turned into a bee and had bee eyes and antennas for a bit while being controlled, but that was an old one I think. As a kid i thought it was a bizarre concept, then i found out about that sort of thing on the internet.

  5. Hey, first of all wanna say a big fan of your work. Your pictures are awesome and well done, making me always excited to see more updates from ya. You even helped me discover some cool comics characters, as I never even heard of Eclispo or the Blighted.

    Second, I wanted to ask some questions. I saw on patron that their were polls for some other portraits of corruption. Just wanted to know are those a patron exclusive thing or will they eventually here? If they are a patron exclusive thing, when my hobo self finally has some income and can join the patron will I get those as rewards?

    *Some future end spoilers here*
    Also I saw a while back that their was a poll for future poc on this site and one of the options was Future’s End. I know it did not so good in the poll war but was curious if their was any plans in the future to do this topic. I enjoyed this arc and thought the “bugs” were pretty cool but realized there wasn’t any art of it. Would love to see your spin on it, maybe see what if Powergirl didn’t die on the island and was fully turned into a bug like Wonder Woman or maybe Supergirl etc.
    *Ends of spoils*

    Lastly figure I’d leave some cool you might enjoy and maybe give ya some inspiration if you are running out of ideas for future POC. If you need something with Scarecrow there a good scenario in an arc called Gothtopia. In the story we find ourselves in an alternative “perfect” Gotham with most of the heros none the wiser of this sudden shift. Turns out as we progress this is from a drug that Scarecrow to dull the mind so he can take them over with his new fear toxin. (http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Detective-Comics-2011/Issue-29?id=6281#4). His plan was to spread this to even more cities, before being stopped by Batman.

    Next up is that I learned anything story with Darkseid has someone mind controlled or transformed, and Earth 2’s war is no exception. (http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Earth-2-World-s-End/Issue-10?id=1687#3) On the main group’s mission, Desaad capture’s Helana Wayne(Huntress of Earth 2) and brainwashes/transforms her into one of Darkseids new furies. He plans to do the same with the PowerGirl, Earth’s 2 Red Tornado (Lois Lane) and the rest of the group.

    Lastly I was gonna suggest you check out Rot World if you haven’t already. Basically follows Animal Man/Swamp thing’s journey in a world where the Black(Rot) has mostly taken over. I would say the story has a kinda has a zombie apocalypse style, but was pretty interesting from someone who hasnt really read Swamp Thing/Animal man comics. I also appreciated all the cameos of the corrupted hero’s they made in the story (Kinda wish more apocalypse/corruption comics took this route). http://www.readingorders.com/ReadingOrderList/Rotworld

    Phew, sorry for the essay I wrote. Anyway take care!

    1. Hi, first of all thank you so much for your kind words and your ideas for newer PoCs. Talking about Portraits of Corruption, those poll PoCs over at Patreon will eventually be seen over here, starting April 30 if I’m not mistaken but you’ll get more news in a couple of days. About Future’s End, I might still do something about it, I just need to find the proper balance between the cybernetic elements and some sexy stuff, so fear not the Idea hasn’t been scrapped. About Darkseid, I have an idea that I haven’t been able to finish, it includes Big Barda too.

      1. Oh awesome news, Im definitely interested to see the polls!

        Yeah I can understand future end might be hard to find a balance in especially with the a lot of the transformations are fucking brutal (http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batman-Beyond-2015/Issue-8?id=24081#14). Also holly shit you should have seen the original sketches of the bugs, those were pretty dam creepy (http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1138629 [No way even you can make those look sexy XD])

        I’m a big fan of post apocalypse stories for comics as the plot is generally pretty good and also their is a lot of corruptions elements involved. My only gripe with future end is we never got to see the 35 years which lead to the end of the world. I like RotWorlds approach better in this as we actually get glimpses of what happened and a lot more characters got cameos.

        Lastly now you got me excited about this future Darkseid project,! I can’t wait to see it and to see the more of that teaser of the Dark Nights: Metal images that is on your twitter!

        Oh last side not sure how much are marvel fan you are but, did you see the comic called Venomized? Don’t wanna spoil too stuff but I can say it is worth a check out. (http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Venomverse)-> ? -> (http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Venomized) Think I’m missing one of the connecting comics but here the two I do know.

          1. Oh I thought that was a patron member only thing, I would be down joining that. Side note I think a sentence might be missing from the new portrait of corruption. Also two portraits this month, you are spoiling us =).

          1. Oh really, I kinda thought it was interesting. I like the hunter becomes the prey aspect of it with the Poisons, where you get more powerful with a sym but also more at risk. I can’t argue if it’s gimmicky in the sense where it came out of nowhere since ill admit I’m a little behind on marvel comics. Also behind on movies, still trying to drag my friends to see Infinity War x.x.

            Also side note, the text in the newest Portrait of Corruption seems to be missing. Not sure if thats intentional or not just letting ya know!

          2. Ha, who knows maybe I’m a psychic =P. Actually thats a lie, I only heard about the sym event because I was browsing new releases on readcomicsonline. But the couldnt have been better for the new poc whilel I got syms on the brain xd.

            (Oh replied here since I guess there is a limit to how much a reply can chain to)

  6. Hey. I was wondering were the Quarantine one was that was suppose to come out yesterday? It looks good and was wondering if it was gonna be released soon?

    Still love your work BTW

  7. Im thinking wonder woman, Jade, Arisia testing all the former and current Robins to see who will take over for Bruce as batman after the wedding

  8. Nice work!, I think the Darkseid and Wonder Woman anti-life one was bascally canon for a while, there were some pretty heavy overtones in thise books.

  9. Hello, I really love your work in this protraitd, really man.
    I thought thay you can make a Parallax version of Supergirl, just like Superman in the Rebirth series.

  10. Thank you BP for the Mind Maidens POC! Can we have a sequel with a little bit more emphasis on Jayna? How about Wonder Woman going down on Jayna, with her outfit torn to expose her hairy pussy? Meanwhile, Medula is taking Wonder Woman from behind with a dildo!

  11. One final suggestion for all your drawings … How about drawing a variety of body types for the characters? It seemsi like all the characters have the exact same body built. Perhaps make some who are heavier set, bigger breasts, buttocks, some more rounded, some perky breasts, some flat breasts, some big floppy breasts, etc. You get the idea. Thank you!!

  12. These works are really cool, would you ever make comics using this plots and this artworks?
    And would you ever make a comic similar to Forsaken Souls but with Marvel Universe characters?

  13. These artworks are really cool, would you ever make comics with this plots and artworks?
    And would you ever make a comic similar to Forsaken Soul with Marvel Universe characters?

  14. Great work with Conqueror Starro comic. Can you please add more pages in the comic? It would be cool to see how the other heroes and heroines have been corrupted.

  15. I’d love to see a corruption scenario involving Desire of the Endless corrupting Death in xir image and it turning out that this was a very, very bad idea as it gives her something of her Marvel Universe counterpart’s personality but all of her extant powers.

    Or for another Death idea, Thanos brainwashing Death of the Endless and it backfiring on him for the same reasons as she’s a bit more formidable than the Death he knows, and he somewhat underestimates just how formidable he is and that his brainwashing was more of a failure than a success.

    Alternately Trigon corrupting Grail purely as a glorified ‘fuck you’ to Darkseid and a meta-commentary on Apokolips War, LOL.

  16. I’d love to see Death of the Endless in one of these with her corrupted either by Desire of the Endless or by Thanos. If by Desire, changed into a much more revealing outfit and clinging to her sibling with a slightly dazed look on her face and Desire’s eyes glowing a bright and burning gold. If by Thanos, wearing a variant of the metal bikini and clinging to him as he holds her by a collar.

    Another one that’d be interesting would be Galadriel corrupted by the One Ring into a form beautiful and terrible as the dawn, an eldritch queen of nightmares.

  17. A New Comic including Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Scarlet Witch would be great .
    Would like to see this Black Pharaoh

  18. Thanos brainwashing Death of the Endless and it backfiring on him for the same reasons as she’s a bit more formidable than the Death he knows, and he somewhat underestimates just how formidable he is and that his brainwashing was more of a failure than a success.

  19. Are you aware that yesterday’s Portraits of Corruption, Lurkers of the Void is not showing up? Just thought you should know. The preview looked hot.

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