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    1. I think thats exactly what hes doing 33y !! , Muku is doing that fr but Bruce is also trying to stop him ……. I bet bat and luther are already working on serum and shhit to try to cure him , im sure that is gonna come to a head if ww dosent fuck here,
      she fr real might fight here bro , hopefully muku get to skeet first at least, its tidus fapping then the scean change before ur done …….;{ lololololozzz
      it could go alot of ways

  1. Another dream I am guess – a dream within a dream…

    its Wendy and the other one who Bat went to fuck
    Isn’t time we learn a little who Mkuu in the cannon might be?

    1. WW is awake bra. Bm is for real pounding lois.
      didnt i guess this before x mas ?
      Im concerned baised on her reaction WW might try to resist the 3 way tho.
      It’s good for the plot if she resist tho .. idk , maby to heal them bolth.

  2. Merrry Christmas mathafuckaasss ,, yeahh! I knew it was coming i could feel it…
    Bra i didnt even get to pay to look ahead i for real could feel bro was about to do it …
    Black Pharo never dissapoints !!!!!!
    I love this fucking comic

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