Page 397

Page 397

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  1. I love the setup and reveal of this page and the last. It shows Diana losing her grasp of what’s real, instead of having her just say that she’s losing it.

  2. he got that hypnatizem, idk how deep muku’s power goes , iv had no luck finding were muku is froom?

    anyone know if muku is in the chuthalu panthion? or esc ?

      1. ty homie..
        loving the work BP
        once i realized it was swahili i googled bibi
        that translates in swahili into mistress , lady , bad, grandmother, can be kings daughter or wife as well ?

        super lit. my porn site has me learing languages
        its so much cooler that its an orriginal charicter

        yo Pharaoh the key to turning back a night gaunt would be to kill the parasite inside them right?
        is that also what constanteen implyed hed do to Z before she ripped his heart out and ate him ?
        that was savage btw

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