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  1. Ha, Ha, Haaa, its a little weird seeing him all weak like that, but I am very happy that Ares is alive. Really Diana you just learned that the gods are dead and he’s laying there hurt, I know him and her have an ugly past but you would think she would at least be a little more sympathetic. Thank you very much for Ares living I can’t wait for Ares vs Nyarlathotep Round 2 and for Ares to go Kratos on him, and to answer you previous question about saving the Forsaken Souls, of course I do, I love Zatanna, Black Canary, and Especially Supergirl, she was one of my first cartoon crushes, and to quote Pandora in God of War 3 ” Hope is what makes us strong, it’s why we are here, it’s what we fight with when all else is lost.” That’s why I think batman and the others can find a way to save them.

    1. Hopefully they don’t get saved. The Master needs to take control of the entire universe and corrupt it all.

  2. I hope Superman also returns, after all it was left floating near the sun, it can even come back more powerful than ever.

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