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  1. They know how to Multiverse Travel right, they did it in crisis on two earths, so travel to the Marvel universe and get the Infinity Gauntlet or just the soul stone, remember what they said that they have been transformed body, mind, and soul so use the gauntlet to transform they’re souls back to normal and Snap That Fucker out of Existence. How about that plan i am a Goddamn Genius.

  2. Also Cheating?, what is this kickball in the playground?, this is a fight for life or death, for peoples sols for god sakes, there is only one rule in a fight like this “WIN AT ALL COSTS AND SAVE MY FRIENDS BY, ANY MEANS NECESSARY”, so if its between winning and saving my friends and losing and being webbed to the wall and having a black mercy grow in my eyes , and literately being fucked to death and having my soul sucked out, I would be more than happy to be Branded a cheater!!!!!

  3. Well a good way they could fix it is use the source wall to trap them all if they cant revert the women back to their normal state and with vertigo characters they can find a way to restore them they just will remember the whole experience.

  4. Does anyone Else like my Infinity Gauntlet and Soul Stone Plan, I mean I know It doesn’t work in the DCU I never liked that but I think it would work because correct me if i’m wrong but the Soul stone can change souls right?

  5. Yeah, I do, Especially Supergirl she is one of my favorites, and i hope that Batman finds a way to save them, and to quote Pandora in God of War 3 “Hope is what makes us strong, It’s why we are here, It’s What we fight with when all else is Lost”. That is why i believe that even the Forsaken Souls can be Redeemed.

  6. Black Pharaoh … Greetings, a suggestion — How about a Reverse Corruption? (Let Me Explain, How About Corrupting Some female Characters as in a body-snatching kind of way? meaning, they are corrupted by being placed in a pod,(poison ivy).. & the pod turns them into obedient servants to the demons, but they still look like themselves, without any traces or signs of being turned…) — Then they could be used as infiltrators & convert even more of the female superheros… & If Not Pods? Then A Slug, liquid, or even a bodysnatching tentacle… but as long as it completely corrupts the females into one of them —- (just a idea…hope you can use it) here is my source for the question — https://e-hentai.org/g/1176126/451726434b/

  7. i still wonerding how batman coruption going on ? we see it in the early stages of his coruption in the pages when he and wonder woman get to the new secret base

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