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  1. Hi there, i dig your work here… i got to ask is there a way to expedite this process, could it be possible to pay a donation to get this story in its entirety ?

    Waiting 10 weekes for 10 pages is a bit long in the tooth, if you know what I mean ?

    Thank you for your time

    1. I know, it’s a slow process and it’s only me, but soon i’ll star posting twice a week.
      About the whole story, it’s all written but only the dialogues, without what’s happening in the panel, so it wont be of much use if you know what i mean. But rest assured more frequent updates are coming, just stay put and thanks for the patience.

  2. Zee urging the Master to complete once and for all her evil transformation is the quintessential corruption fantasy. The line “Infect me body and soul” is great, especially after the cliffhanger of the previous page, where we all waited for Zatanna’s answer.

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