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  1. A great page. Although way too many spelling or grammar mistakes:
    “But your toNGUE still belongS to you.”
    “one last chance AT redemption.
    “MAKE ME vanish (you don’t “vanish” somebody. But you can “banish” someone).
    You revert something TO something, you don’t just revert. You could say “WIth your powers you can revert everything to normal” for example. You can also say “With your powers you can undo/erase what I’ve done to you”.
    Still, already one of my favorite corruption comic at 8 pages.
    If you want I can do the proofreading/correction for your comic. My email adress is: hellofacritic@yahoo.fr

    1. Thanks for the heads up. English isn’t my natural language, so I’m always willing to correct these little mistakes, on the other hand I wasn’t talking about her tongue, but her thoughts. Which also had a typo 🙁

  2. Incredible work. You should setup a donation page. A lot of people would likely want to contribute out of thanks and so you can continue to create without as much of a personal burden.

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