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    1. What’s corrective rape?
      Sex is a basic need, and it can evoke some pretty dark shit. Putting it out where everyone can see it means ppl get to deal with it. Would you rather they do it for real before realising it’s just a fantasy and can happily stay that way? And doing it with graphics like that and a compelling story rivaling official publishing house releases is art. You don’t hate art, do you?

  1. The inner joker is the best comic I ever readed great graphics I never saw like this comic please continue this comic and that wonder woman just great please do more like this use same wonder woman graphics

  2. The inner joker was just no words to describe best graphics please continue this comics and use same graphics wonder woman is just beautiful

  3. Wish you continue this inner joke comic. I discover you via this comic and man it was impressive, scary and hot at the same time. I really like the scene where WW looking at Joker’s archives and find the one where he record himself fucking the superheroes. My favorite was them getting deepthroated.

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