The Black Pharaoh is on Patreon

The Black Pharaoh is on Patreon

To all my faithful readers.

Before you flip out and start preparing the pitchforks and torches I want to guarantee you that this comic, future stories and contents such as Portraits of corruption are and will remain 100% free. No censorship or SFW versions to hook you up for the nudies, nothing like that. The content will remain as you ‘ve seen it here. In case I decide to upgrade my work, you wont get a diluted version, you’ll get the real deal.

So the reason I decided to open a Patreon, it’s because I would love to offer you a bigger and a more immersive experience on the creative process of my work. Rewards that will allow you to see part of the process of my storytelling in advance, such as drafts, sketches, and scripts. In other words early access to my work (spoilers included). Also down the road, you’ll have a bigger role while choosing themes and characters for future art pieces or stories. Maybe they ain’t that spectacular right now, but as i’ve told you before, I don’t want to force you into a subscription just so you can see the naughty version of my work.

Of course there’s a catch. But it’s a small one and it is of course for all those who decide to support my work on Patreon. All the content I’ll produce will be published first on Patreon, then a few weeks later it will be published here and everywhere else. Also some of the previews i’ll be offering as rewards, won’t be published until after the final work is published here.

So if you decide to support my work at this link You have my utmost gratitude. And if you are enjoying this story here on my website or on the other pages, come and say hi and spread the word, your comments mean a lot to me and my work you will always have my gratitude.

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  1. Was just thinking you create great art and story. It makes me feel that many creators out there even those who perhaps work or has work on DC or Marvel comics, universe. “What If”… there could be a rule34 to explore on these things. Many Universe and many alternate reality do exist right? If so “what if” these fictional stories and parodies actually did happen. Somehow, thats what makes the storyline basically infinite…can only imagine what comes next…

    Even as 18+ artist and creator! Feels like reading a comic without boundries sex, drama, joy, action, story etc. Thanks amazing for this ongoing journey!

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