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  1. Absolutely disappointing!! So cliché, so predictable, so boring and so worn out.

    Honestly? The only good thing about this revelation is that the author didn’t drag it out unnecessarily.

    Hopefully we’ll at least get a good explanation as to how Luthor pulled the whole thing off.
    Cassie should have been able to recognize him just by his voice, right? And how could he brainwash her like that without anyone noticing or it being provable?

    1. did you miss the brain washing pills she was taking condishing her to be lex;s sex slave
      like mary was ?

  2. this has been so good. really hoping it ends with mary being super corrupted and depraved. i assume theres only a few pages left though? please release all at once 🙁 been going on forever and that’d be cool for the fans

  3. Sooo, what’s the greater plan here? Lex is manipulating/corrupting heroines, make them to followers, impregnate them and then what? … btw, I mentioned something like that already (page 25)

    Using pills, which increase fertility rate to 100%, means that impregnation is somehow an important puzzle piece in his plan.

    1. Literally an entire army of children whose mothers are metahumans? Some of them even with divine powers. All with Lex Luthor as their father?

      And the sadistic pleasure of seducing, corrupting and impregnating young and sexy superheroines?

      The icing on the cake: He also turned said young and sexy superheroines into his personal sluts and whores….

      And since no one can explain HOW he did it, let alone prove THAT he used any illegal methods…

      There is practically NOTHING the Justice League has against him.
      It would of course be a personal highlight for Luthor if he could also “conquer” both Supergirl and Lois Lane.

      As a personal insult to Superman…

  4. plz release the rest of the story at once? 🙁

    only a couple pages left i think, would be cool to have it all after all this time!

    1. After The Allowance, there will be a short spin of titled “You should not be here” is 8 pages long. Then a 24 pages comic titled “Hearts and Minds” and after that the sequel of Live Lewd, Dwell Evil”, titled “Live madam, evil”

  5. Yeah, I’m out. I hate Lex. I would have preferred anyone else. Hell, even an OC is better than F**king Lex.

  6. Such a disappointment. This was one of the most fun, fan, erotica comics I’ve ever read. There was a lot here, and there still is, to really love. This reveal that it was Lex Luthor all along is just so lame. There had to have been more interesting choices than Lex Luthor. As someone else pointed out, even an OC would have been better.

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