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  1. 2 Questions:
    1. What is the Story about? I mean, apart from the Fact that some young Superheroines get into all sorts of sexual Situations.
    2. How many Pages will it be?

    1. IT’s about Wonder Girl having some financial problems. So thanks to Mary Marvel she finds someone who helps her with a little allowance. And it’s 70 pages long

      1. Hey I wanna ask you something. Is that primordial monster god in JL Forsaken Souls comic your original character or a canon DC character you put into play?

  2. Hey Black Pharaoh, I may have replied this before to your reply but in case you did not get.

    I have a question. Is that monster god villain in your JL Forsaken Souls comic that is collecting and corrupting female heroes, your original character or a canon DC character? And what is the name of it, I read the first 200 pages of it and still couldn’t get, is it Dagon?

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