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  1. I’m sorry, but English is not my mother tongue, so I use the Google translator.

    A little too fast with Vixen. Maybe one page more was better?
    And what did Ice do with Fire?

    Anyway, very good, I can not wait for the next one.

    1. Vixen isn’t fully corrupted, and Ice under The Master’s influence increased Fire’s libido, thus lowering her mental defenses and letting her vulnerable to the Master’s aura.

      1. How can Vixen not be fully corrupted? The Master’s brand is already showing up. Isn’t that the very last stage of corruption — the soul?

        1. I believe the brand is not the final stage…Poor Mary received it (page 15) but her transformation was completed on page 16…It seems that the Master’s evil blessing involves “drinking” (Zatanna, Mary, Shiera). That should be the point of no return.

  2. I trust Pharaoh completely on this topic I believe she is beginning to feel it as his mark is corrupting her and her inner self and spirits are fighting and failing fast I think it is awesome to see it that way and I think it would be a great Idea break her and then reward her by changing her precious totem necklace to reflect her new god and fuse it to her sluttish skin and with hawk girl I think since she looks like a demonic hawk her mark is covered by feathers..
    But for Vixxen I think her totem should be corrupted to allow her to easy corrupt her new prey

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