Page 89

Page 89

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6 Replies to “Page 89”

  1. I’m sorry, but English is not my mother tongue, so I use the Google translator.

    Well, it promises to be epic. Interestingly, will be some heroes, except the Martian Manhunter, escape from this trap or not.

    As for the calendar, you made a small mistake with page 92 (July 10?).
    But I’m very glad to see that there will be 7 pages in this month.

  2. I too hoped someone would escape (we know for certain that J’onn made it). Looking forward to what happens next! But will the Master manage three corruptions in one stroke??

  3. Oh mine! August will be an awesome month! Looks like we will have a nice big orgy with some girl girl action? Can’t wait! Great work!

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