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  1. Love your artwork and storytelling. Any plans for another long comic series after this?or do you have any ideas of perhaps selling the complete work as a tradepaperback once it iz complete?

    1. I do have ideas for 2 follow ups, they won’t be as long as this one, but first I have to get this one done. Also an OC story idea has been lurking down the back of my brain, but there’s still nothing solid.

  2. Does Superman have regenerative powers? Or is he blind for life, assuming that he even survives the battle against the Nightgaunts?

  3. I always thought that Superman could regenerate as long as he was directly in the suns rays, you see this from time to time, an example of this was when he was nuked and was totally messed up, after the suns rays shone upon him, the physical damage quickly regenerated, putting him in the ground is never a good idea as he will remain dead.

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