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  1. He used the power of Shazam? Does this mean he has the powers of all the people he`s corrupted? Or something else because MAZAHS Belongs to the Shazam of Earth-3.

  2. Wouldn’t it have been easier for the Master just to use a spell to get Supergirl all horny and begging the Master to do her, similar to what Zatana did to Mary in Chapter 1? In the last frame, did Supergirl slam her face into glass or some type of force field? Other than Zee, Mary, Black Canary and Xanadu, who has been corrupted up to this point?

    1. Yes, it would have been easier, but everybody waiting for this corruption would have felt cheated, and the last thing I need is an enraged mob armed with torches and pitchforks outside my realm. So I played with the master’s cockiness so he likes to play with his preys. Supergirl’s face was smashed against one of the window panes of the communication’s room. And no one else has been corrupted at this point, Xanadu’s corruption will be appointed in the future, but basically when Batman left the crime scene and Shadowpact arrived to secure the house, they were ambushed.

      1. LOL! Gotcha. This is THE best ever superhero porn parody! I don’t think anyone will be standing outside with pitchforks. At least not until we all find out that the bad guy wins at the end.

  3. Was the Master’s powers more limited at the beginning of the story because of a weakened condition as he alluded to, or simply because he is not all that strong (other than being able to corrupt)? What are his original powers, other than being able to corrupt? Does the Master have a human form? Can corrupted female superheroines corrupt other females intentionally (as opposed to unintetionally like Xanadu did to Batman)? It would make the corruption spread across the world a whole lot faster.

    1. So many questions… Without entering a dangerously spoilers zone, when the Master was summoned, he only got a very small fraction of his powers. Right now is trying to compensate that. Yes he has a human and oneiric avatar and since this information has been discovered in a couple of occasions and it has been publicly published, this avatar is better known as the Black Pharaoh (Who would have guessed?) Females can’t create new nighgaunts, they can prepare the terrain for the Master like we’ve seen with Batman and Wonder Woman. Batman’s case is very particular and it will be explained down the road, long story short, it’s more like an infection. Now not everybody will deserve to transformed into a nighgaunt by the Master, but every single life form in the planet has a purpose for him, in fact this is why Gotham is in his path, he needs a key piece to star unfolding his real plan.

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