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  1. Can’t believe she could kill Darksied with one punch (Darksied survived direct hits from Superman multiple times. Also that Mary Marvel could blind him so easily — isn’t he invulnerable? Yes its just a horny comic but too much is just too much

    1. 1.: Superman always hold back and pulled his punches. At least, most of the time…
      2.: Wonder Woman has been upgraded / enhanced / improved through a ritual…
      3.: Darkseid isn’t dead yet. First WW is going to drain him of his powers and life energy.

    2. What’s accurate though is that there will always be some people, willing to sacrifice everyone else, just for the slightest chance to save the few people most important to them (looking at Mary Marvel).

  2. I just went through the updated publishing calendar. Looks like a lot of corruption is about to happen …

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