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      1. Looking forward to find out who else gets corrupted. Just curious, how many chapters are you planning on doing for forsaken souls?

          1. Haha I look forward to seeing what you have planned. Enjoyed everything so far. I think its great how you give out little teasers in your answers without spoiling too much. Thanks BP

  1. Thank goodness for February! Got an early page!

    Very nice corruption. Can’t wait to see what happened to Supergirl and how the Master was able to take on her. I guess Black Canary probably played a big part in getting Supergirl defeated.

    It’s interesting that Master fucked the Black Canary in both holes from the get go. With the others, he started with the ass first.

  2. Love how the heroines all go from polite language to screaming curse words as the corruption takes place!

    Is she lactating?

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