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  1. Finally back to some action! Very nicely drawn! It would be nice to see someone at least land a punch or two on the Master before getting corrupted.

    Maybe a little variety regarding the begging from the superheroines? I think I read “I don’t want this” from Hawkwoman already.

    Also, it should be “your despair.”

    The Master released Dinah’s mind because he didn’t want to corrupt a “mindless fuck toy.” But he specifically ordered Zee to use her magic on Mary in the first chapter, turning Mary into her a horny slut, before he corrupted Mary. Is this because he no longer felt vulnerable and could take more chances? Or more because he felt Mary has the powers to fight him while the Black Canary is weak?

    1. The later, so far 3 heroines could have defeated the master at this point. Zatanna, Mary Marvel and Supergirl. He got Lucky with Zatanna, and this gave him a chance to beat down Mary. With Supergirl, you’ll get to see how it went, once we are done with Dinah. About the begging I’ll be more careful with later corruptions.

  2. Can’t wait to see Supergirl’s corruption. Hope Dinah’s doesn’t take too many pages. Will we see a flashback of Xanadu too at some point? Thanks for the awesome work!

  3. Excellent work. Always enjoy seeing your new pages. Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds and to find out who this master is.
    Always enjoy seeing Dinah and i look forward to seeing what happens with her throughout your comic.

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