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  1. Not smart to confront a Demon who owns your pussy ALONE?
    Also, not much believability when WW knows she brought Light to be fucked by him, saw him fucking Lois at the Fortress, and how is PISSED (and SURPRISED) that he’s fucking others!!
    And Luthor and many of the others are just letting this happen….. ????
    Too much!

    1. I don’t think that’s too much or unbelievable.

      PTSD from fighting Madame Xanadu (where Diana was infected with Nyarlathotep’s magic), plus the repeated Manipulations by the infected Batman. In Addition, she is also exposed to Nyarlathotep’s Psycho-Attacks.

      Wonder Woman has now reached a Point, where she has Trouble, separating Dream from Reality.

      As for “confronting him alone”…
      He surprised her in the Corridor.
      It’s not as if she was consciously looking for him.

      1. Also speaking as a woman, we can go from 0 to 60 faster then a car when it comes to emotions given the right circumstance. So that fear at needing to stay away instantly curved to anger and getting in his face about the other women. She has no defense against him because of this. So hopefully Enchantress and Robin were watching her….at the very least Robin.

  2. i love pharos lines, the flavor art around ww when shes in the moments.
    one scared . one righteous.. priceless

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