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    1. Tora Olafsdotter a.k.a. Ice.
      An ice themed superheroine. Sometimes she is portrayed as part of the JL.
      Her Corruption happend on the Pages 89 till 99.

  1. OK – whose the other one?
    And why isn’t anyone doing more about Batman and Lois since they can obviously be seen by all?
    And the nightguants don’t seem to recognize Mauu?

    1. The second Nightgaunt is Killer Frost.
      And they can’t see Batman because he’s both behind them and elevated. In the blind spot, so to speak.
      In addition, Wonder Woman and Lex focus on the intruders.

      However, they should be able to hear him and Lois.

      It is possible that Batman’s transformation has not progressed enough to see any connection with Nyarlathotep.

      Or else, Batman transforms into something completely different. Something that only has powers similar to those of Nyarlathotep.

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