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  1. Any chance of a before and after color picture with names of the corrupted heroines from JL Forsaken Souls? The artwork is great but I can’t really tell if their skin has changed color as well or just has a faint pattern spread on it for example. Any chance of seeing Starfire, Raven and Terra 2 from the Teen Titans? Considering Raven is half demon herself kinda curious whether her transformation would be like others or boosted, and effect of embracing her powers rather than constantly holding them back combined with the new demon’s powers. I know just stating request so up to Black Pharaoh whether to grant it, ignore it, or whatever with it. Curious to see what chapter 3 brings.

    1. Oops, sorry. Not familiar with commissions so can ignore this if want. I’ll save up some money and resubmit this in the commissions page like I’m suppose to.

    2. Your idea of before and after shots is a pretty good one, they do change skin color, in fact one of the last commissions I did was a Forsaken Souls’ corrupted Zatanna and Supergirl in color, so you can check that out. Starfire and Raven will appear in an upcoming chapter, and as you pointed out Raven’s linage will play it’s part. About Chapter 3 these two first pages were a small interlude, the fun part begins next page.

  2. Hawkgirl held on but to no avail. Great dialogue as always, with the Master coaxing her into embracing her new form and Shiera proudly thanking him for having been turned into a magnificent nightgaunt.

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