Page 295

Page 295

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      1. *lol*
        (Warning: humorous sarcasm): Really? Nooo!
        If only I had been told that earlier, I really didn’t know!
        (Sarcasm ends). I’m sorry, i couldn’t resist.

        All jokes aside.

        I have only written my opinion on this page (and the brief confrontation between Wonder Woman and Cheetah) and have not expressed any wishes.
        A couple of pages ago I might have voiced an idea for Grail (Darkseid’s daughter) and Dommsday.
        But nothing more.

        1. The publishing calendar already showed it was short, you should expect this to happen. Nothing anticlamtic, you’re just upset over your fantasy not being fulfilled.

          1. True.
            But the second Page (this Page) could have schown a completely different Scene and lead to another Event.

            Maybe a Cliffhanger with a little erotic Teaser.

            Be it, as it is.

            The Comic is top notch.
            The Drawings are just amazing and the Storytelling (Porn aside) is superb too.

            What more do you want?
            Except, find out the Ending and less annoying Comments (like my own.) :-))

          2. What event? During the entire scene between Bane and Huntress, Cheetah and WW should have done the deed.

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