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  1. Three things, Aw man Starfire Too!?, and is Trigon really just going to let his daughter be corrupted like this?, I mean I know he is a bad guy and a demon, but Trigon wants to rule the earth and from what i’ve seen in the comics and the cartoon and animated movies, Trigon could crush Nyarlathotep or at least give him a good fight, and is Everybody there going to get corrupted and killed, I honestly still don’t understand what happened to cyborg is he dead or is the human part dead? PS really like the story good twist on DC

    1. Cyborg became a drone, his organic parts were consumed by Oracle and only a husk was left. Here’s the deal about Heaven, hell, Trigon and many other deities. Yes they can totally beat The Master at this point, with no problem. BUT and it’s a big but, no one could get untainted after fighting him, and that’s one infection that would overcome the host.

  2. Oh Ok, its kind of sad that we won’t see Nyarlathotep vs Darkseid though, Hey maybe instead of having a fight in the story, maybe you can make a mini comic of it or even make a picture of it. How about it?

  3. Oh Sweet, HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!, Now I have two things to look forward to in this story. The ass kicking in the next chapter, and now Darkseid the most powerful being in the DC universe, vs Nyarlathotep, New God vs Outer God. Is he going to go to Apocalypse or is Darkseid coming to him?, Lets See just how Cocky Nyarlathotep is when he is fighting someone who is actually strong enough to Fight Back! I Can’t Wait.

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