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  1. So will we see more details about the furk between transformed girls and boys(like Miss Martian VS Superboy)or just a single picture about the boys’ dead body as husks?
    Please more details, please

    It seems like all Titans are down except Damian,Talks about Damian,will his mother Talia appear in the story?She and Damian can be another hunt to batman ,Perhaps oneday batman get a video and in the video he see Damin’s death and Tslia’s transformation,that could be the last push of batman’s fallen.
    I’m sorry, I have been so noisiness,If you don’t like my advice please ignore it,Thanks for your great work again.

  2. we are boys is cause of death beast boy killed screen off by wonder girl aka donna troy and now red arrow blow up head is shot off blasted by cyborg arms again and now superboy is punch his face by cyborg is killing boys murder titan tower

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