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  1. So… are we ever gonna see Darkseid or Anti-Monitor completely curbstomp this dude? And I’m not talking about like Darkseid’s avatars, I’m talking about TRUE Darkseid.

  2. 3 boy and 9 girls,seems like each boy will get 3 transformed girls,or you will let zatanna drain the boy’s life,or just kill the boys without sex like Bart ?Rose kill Bart because he could not touch speed force ,he is useless to the master,but superboy has powers.
    I can just recognize Raven 、Starfire、Wonder Gir、Bumblebee、Prysm、Miss Martian,Who is the other 2 girls?

  3. It’s hard to believe that Raven can be converted this quick. I understand Zatanna because she is pure human but isn’t Raven already part demon?

  4. So many Nightgaunts in the making! Looking forward to what happens to Miss Martian and Wonder Girl…. And please, have the Master turn Bumblebee into an hideous (and hot) wasp demon!

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