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  1. Amazing Artist! Keep up the great work! What you do for the Fans is invaluable. I cannot wait to see what happens next! Oh and just curious, you have any plans for Star Wars or Marvel content? Those are two Fandoms in particular, especially Star Wars, that I see lacking some Good Erotic Comics or FanFiction out there, and certainly there are very few(if any at all) that are even near how Great your content is.

  2. poor bart,other male heroes
    after all can have fun before their death.As a succubus lover,hope to see more details about heroes’ drained to husks.If the heroes have to die,at least they were killed by a sexy way.
    What attracts me in this comic is
    the heroes fallen,They get fucked by the master,translated to different kinds of monster girls,then fuck back their own friends、 own lovers 、own brothers to suck their life force their power and kill them.The first 2 point are very great and hope to see more about the 3rd point.
    That is my hope, but at least this is your comic, you are the one that controls the story,If you think I’m wrong please forget it.
    Please forgive my poor English and thanks again for your great work.

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