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Page 163

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  1. Oh My God, I Can’t wait to see this Motherfucker get his Ass Fucking handed to him, I know you can’t say how he dies and tell no spoilers, but I just want to ask, When he dies does he get It bad and does he scream in agony? or to put it simply does it hurt?

  2. ….DUDE…you’re making this story boring. every time you bring in a dc girl, she gets corrupt. at least tell me they EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING before the fucker showed up resumes…if so then i suppose i can forgive how boring this seems to be with the repetition…

  3. Ha,Ha,Haaaaaaa, Hell Yeah, I can’t wait to see that, one of the many things that I love is to see a bad guy get his due, by the way I know you said that they weren’t going to directly fight but can you make a picture or mini comic were Darkseid fight Nyarlathotep because I am just dying to see that, if they ever did fight I am deffinetly putting my money on Darkseid. PS- Does Nyarlathotep even know about apokalips? or des he really think that they won’t be a problem to him?

  4. Oh, ok I just want to say I am a fan of dc but I don’t know a whole lot so please remind me and Explain what is Anti-Life and what does it do? I never really understood it.

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