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  1. Ok, I’ve read the whole thing. I wasn’t expecting so much violence. It was both disturbing and impressive to see my favorite super-heroes knowing such a horrible fate.
    Now, I’m wondering, how can they even beat the Black Pharaoh? It’s a eldricht god, and he seem invicible at this very moment, and he got a over powered army of succubus.

  2. Is that Ra’s al Ghul? So, that means the key to saving the world is literally in the hands of a guy who would robably be willing to let it burn?

  3. Is Superman Dead? because he was left in space but in the comics a nuke nearly killed him and the sun healed him so I just want to clarify if he is really dead or not.

    1. True, in The dark Knight Returns he came back from a nuke, so the real problem is he’s been stripped of his soul, so, even if the body regenerates, you’ll have the soulless problem.

      1. But if you use the Necronomicon that Ra’s Al Ghul took in Chapter 3 & Ice is quoting in Chapter 5 to send Nyarlathotep back where he came from, would that not release Superman’s soul & the souls of the others? Doesn’t help them in this fight, but it would seem to put Superman back in action at the end. You have weaved everything together nicely & put the easter eggs in nicely. The story line is compelling as well as the artwork.

  4. oh right, I forgot about that, in your opinion of the remaining survivors who would you say is Nyarlathotep’s best threat besides Ares?

  5. True, hey do you think you can make a Full Body Picture of Nyarlathotep, but without the dick, along with the poison ivy one?

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