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  1. Oh….Wheeeew, that was close, to be honest I thought Black Adam was smarter than that ,I am glad to see it wasn’t real. I just want to ask, is Batman and Wonder Woman going to be okay? because I am starting to get confused, I mean they were saved before they were corrupted.

  2. I mean are they going to become like the girls, or are they going to get better, because I saw batman all vampire like and now wonder woman is acting like this and i’m just trying to ask the right questions and get the right information for the future.

      1. Oh,ok thanks for that, now I have one more question, what inspired you to use the outer gods in this story and why did you choose Nyarlathotep for the main villain? plus I love his design.

        1. Well I was more familiar with the Lovecraftian lore (And I still do research from time to time) About Nyarlathotep as the main baddie, It was because he has been shown in human form and human size, all the other outer gods are massively huge and I wanted something more manageable in size.

          1. Ah ok, I understand, thank you for the info, do you think you can make a full body design of Nyarlathotep without the dick though, I would like to see him when he isn’t corrupting the girls. PS I know im being a little greedy by asking this of you like with poison ivy I just really like the designs, and if im annoying you with all this im sorry.

  3. I was wondering, how would the Bizzaros react to Nyanthrolep? I assume it would be the opposite, but I’m not sure. If it is, though, and if they’re around in this universe, they would probably be pretty strong against him.

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