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  1. Wow, I have to be honest I think ivy looks better this way your work is really good do you have a full body picture of her like this? if you don’t could you make one of her front and back please and post her with the other nightgaunts, I would really appreciate it. I’m not really a porn and Hentai guy but I like the story its really good, I am new to the whole Lovecraft and outer god thing so thank you for his name, and like i said in my last comment i really look forward to the fight between Batman and Nyarlathotep, if he can beat Superman Hand to hand and have plans to take out the entire Justice League then he can find a way to beat him and save the girls, you can do it bats and now you even have the villains on your side now and you still have Diana i hope, Now this parasite what happens when you mess with “The Most Dangerous Mortal Man in the Universe!”.

  2. Awesome page!

    But i am a little sad White Rabbit wasn`t converted into one of the Master`s servants. She is one of my favourite obscure DC characters but i`m sure there`s a good reason she wasn`t turned.

    But i do like this concept of a nightmare garden and Ivy being the ruler. Can`t wait to see more

  3. Oh so that’s who that is I was wondering who bunny girl was thanks for that. I also have to say that I think its a little screwed up that its growing into the eyes though but your art is really good. I Absolutely love how Ivy looks with the tail, spikes, and horns, she looks way better this way. Do you Think you can make a Full Body picture of her like this and post her with the other Nightgaunts.?

    1. Sure eventually a full Ivy picture will be published. And I’m glad you are liking my work. About the eyes, I know it’s a little disturbing, but it serves to reinforce the idea that things won’t be as they were once everything is said and done.

  4. I understand and you’re welcome keep up the good work and I can’t wait for Batman going Toe to Toe with Nyarlathotep, because he’s already kicked the crap out of Superman, I can’t wait to Batman what he has in store for him, again keep up the good work.

  5. spoiler aka stephanie brown commissioner james gordon white rabbit two face and everyone 18 unnamed gotham city humans plants tentacles killed off screen now by poison ivy

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