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  1. Oh Boy I can tell by his tone and Face that Batman is really mad now, Nyarlathotep, The Dark One, The Crawling Chaos, The Faceless God, Ahtu, The Haunter of the Dark, The Dweller in Darkness, The Howler in the Dark, The God of the Bloody Tongue, The Crawling Mist, The Black Pharaoh, whatever he calls himself it doesn’t matter I hope he is prepared because now he has to deal with a pissed off Batman. He’s already kicked the crap out of Superman and he even new how to take on and defeat the entire Justice League and when he fought Superman he wasn’t mad he just struggled a bit but now, oh boy he is going to be on a Fucking Warpath Now!!!!!!, man I can’t wait to see Batman beat this Bitch, go for it Bats show this Bastard what happens when you Mess with “The Most Dangerous Man in the Universe”.

  2. Hi! I’d just like to say that I absolutely LOVE the way you’ve weaved this lovecraftian horror/ porn/ DC Universe comic together. It’s beautifully drawn, surprisingly in-character given the circumstance, and just a touch of chilling fear to keep it interesting. I’m especially a fan of your designs for the succubi! It’s really cool, the way they look and seem at least a bit human, but they just arent. The lines that form the seam of the ‘wider’ mouth, the way they regenerate and start out as something looking like a blob of flesh that’s so clearly NOT human! They fall almost right into that uncanny valley for me, just off enough that it’s wrong. I know this is kind of a long, awkwardly-worded comment, but I just really like the comic, and not only because of the hot parts. (although I’m not gonna complain about them!)

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