What should I corrupt next?

What should I corrupt next?

The choice is yours

For my next entry to Portraits of Corruption i have these five options, so tell me guys, what should i corrupt next? And don't worry about those which ain't selected, eventually all of them will be finished. You have two weeks, so cast your vote.

4 Replies to “What should I corrupt next?”

  1. Funny thing, after i did the Eclipsed Wonder Woman piece, she was meant to be the next one, but suddenly new ideas came to me, in fact theres a sixth piece sketched that was left outside this poll, and a seventh planed in my head.

  2. Love your work! Anything involving Wonder Woman being corrupted is a huge plus for me. Fwiw, I commissioned some artwork involving Wonder Woman being corrupted. If you like me to share a couple pieces with you, send me an email 🙂

    1. I have to admit that corrupting WW is my Achilles heel as you can see in the options of this poll, in fact I have several ideas for her, but right now i have to go easy on her there are other popular character that also deserve the Black Pharaoh treatment. And about those art pieces you talk about. sure, i would love to see them.

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