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  1. Can not wait to see Super Girl or Power Girl and the Teen Titans to face of the two, is the Others going to Join Joker and Wonder Woman ( Batgirl , Batwoman, Black Canary, Catwoman, Posion Ivy and Zantanna) with their Joker Babies to Join Forces

  2. I don’t understand something. The whole joker’s dick being addicting makes sense in a porno type of way but how was harley able to break free from it when someone like wonder woman became addicted because no offense wonder woman to me would have an easier time breaking from an addiction then harley

    1. Because Harley is by herself already jokerised, so I guess she is ummune to it. Would be fantastic if she had the same sexual influance on man, that the joker has on woman.

  3. it could be because she had jokers baby inside her and harley never did. Also harley broke much easier then the others so she wasn’t exposed to it as long. Just my thoughts it is after all a porn comic so there could be a number of reasons why or none at all. Just enjoy the ride.

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