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  1. awesome she is so close to being the jokers new bride cant wait to see more sucks we have to wait two weeks. how much more story is there in inner joke

      1. nice thank you cant wait too see what happens with her next or what will her and jokers child be like just curious the other heros joker has broken dont seem as corrupted as wonder woman is becoming any reason behind that and do u know any other comics similar to this with wonder woman and joker

  2. Love the story!!! I can’t help but wonder how this would effect the street whore’s I could see her becoming more evil and defending her addiction! Becoming more joker-ish. I would love to see her carrying twins (Thinking theater mask happy sad, drama comedy) But the possibilities – damnnnnn

  3. from looking at publishing calendar makes me wonder at the end of this page she looks pretty bfar along in her corruption but in future pics she looks normal just wondering how this is working on her?

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