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  1. Really now? Are you serious, Mr. Pharaoh?

    The entire story itself is outrageous, of course. It’s a parody after all. And a good one too.

    However, to make us believe that the JL would allow two teenage girls to dress in such eye-catching “whore dresses”…

    If Cassie doesn’t get a serious lecture on pages 63 & 64 of Wonder Woman, then you’ve overstepped the mark.

    And I’m a little confused…
    Why is Cassie actually unshaven in the third panel?

    Otherwise she is always shown as shaved.

    All in all, all I can say is:
    Fantastic work. An amazing drawing style.

  2. Not big on the random giant bush, but happy to see this story moving. A big fan of this kind of corruption! Loved the Zatana one as well.

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