Sanae Kidnaped

Sanae Kidnaped

Another collaboration with DBComics. This prose story feature several pictures dome by yours truly. Here’s the synopsis and be sure to check it out.

In the previous book, Sanae, a ninja for hire, had captured the super heroine known as Lunagirl. What followed was a series of cruel bondage torment, that pushed even the famed heroine to her absolute limits and beyond.

In this sequel, Sanae’s target is the mystery champion known only by the alias ‘Midnight Phantom’. The woman is no match for Sanae’s expertise, and before long she will be introduced into a world of bondage, slavery, and domination! Unfortunately for Sanae, the Midnight Phantom has one final ace up her sleeve…

What awaits both Sanae and Midnight Phantom? How intense will the bondage be? You can find all this out and more in the newest chapter!


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