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  1. Hmm … don’t particularly care for Supergirl’s new outfit. Black Canary’s outfit is hot! Any chance we will see the corrupted heroines use multiple different outfits as the story progresses?

  2. If the Master is taking the corrupted heroines powers, does that make the heroine weaker? Or is he merely replicating their powers within himself without weaking the heroines?

  3. Stumbled upon this comic only now: a masterpiece! There are so many panels to comment!
    Although nothing will best the first chapter, with poor Zee becoming “patient zero”, I find the corruptions great even if they keep repeating in their basic structure.
    As for this chapter, Hawkgirl is hot, she became a real monster! Can’t wait to see her color version!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying this comic, there’s still plenty to come. Not all corruptions will be the same, some will have some interesting twists. About Colored Hawkgirl? Expect her At the end of July. Also If there are so many panels to comment, remember you can find me at Discord. The link is in the main page.

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