4 Replies to “Page 62”

  1. I guess based on this page, we won’t get to see how Supergirl was first attacked by the Master and Black Canary?

    Love Diana’s facial expression and the lip biting! I used to date a girl that would do that when we were having sex. It was so hot!

    What’s up with Faust’s evil look? Is he in cohoots with the Master?

    1. Last panel of this page is the direct continuation to the third panel of page 25, you’ll see on the next page. About Faust looks like he knows more than what he’s telling.

      1. Wow, so one blast from the Black Canary ripped Supergirl’s outfit, and got her all horny wet? Interesting! Can’t wait to see the rest. Hope Supergirl puts up a decent fight.

        What are Faust’s powers?

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