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Page 613

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  1. This is becoming real boring. I want to see both good and bad winning and making it unpredictable. Not bad always winning. Boring 5/10 progress so far.

    1. A total overview of the “battle” would be great. I mean, by now it’s not really fighting anymore, is it? It’s probably just dealing with the last remaining defenders, and Lobo, and … well … “power extraction”.

  2. I think Wonder Woman is going to get all this power and the betray Nyarlathotep and take over everything. That would be a pretty cool twist.

  3. i like how this was supposed to be a corruption comic, as in, bad guys do bad things type of comic. meanwhile in every page’s comment section we have people complaining about how bad guys get to successfully do their bad things. geez you guys get your rocks off seeing the good guys win? go watch disney yall lmaooo

  4. Bye bye granny. At least we don’t have to see her getting corrupted, assuming the Master would even want to corrupt her. She’s about to be turned to skeleton.

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