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  1. Ice cold… And yet so predictable. So cliché.

    It would have been funnier if Darkseid’s attack had no effect on Diana at all.

    Now it would be good (at least in my opinion) if the two Nightgaunts survived.

    Otherwise, the old cliché would be served here again: the evil leaders throw away their loyal subordinates as cheap cannon fodder, like trash.

    1. Ngl, with the trend in this series for the big bad to just take the hits offhandedly with no real damage being dealt, Wonder Woman caring enough about the attack to sacrifice Empress and Bombshell instead of just taking it was pretty a nice breath of fresh air.

    1. Pretty the two who were just killed were Bombshell and Empress- they were two of the Teen Titans who were turned when Titan Tower just became a huge orgy- and he turned every female character there into Nightgaunts. It begs to question like i mentioned before are the women turned into Nightgaunts doomed to kind of Helllish afterlife when killed- as part of their transformation is based on them “giving” their souls away while having orgasms.

        1. At the top of the page there is a bar with the headings “Black Pharaoh Comix”, “Blog”, “Commissions”, “Portraits of Corruption”, “Publishing Calendar” and “Patreon”.

          Under the heading “Portraits of Corruption” you will find the item “Nightgaunts gallery”. There you will find all the pictures of the Nightgaunts. Even in color.
          There you just have to compare the current page with the Nightgaunt images.

  2. Two Teen Titans corrupted and enslaved unhesitatingly sacrificing themselves for a corrupted and enslaved member of the Justice League… Particularly Diana… Really Hot!
    Good Job Pharaoh!

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