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      1. I know he is and i loved him reappearing in Rebirth recently but he is known as a goof and a bit of comic relief. May i ask whom he becomes cannon fodder for?

        1. Can’t tell you to whom because this character hasn’t appear yet and it would be a huge spoiler only thing I can say to you is that he goes down in an almost doomed rescue mission… well at least for him it will be doomed.

          1. Ah. A rescue mission? I wonder who they have to rescue? Look forward to it. And my bets on PG.

  1. Very curious to see who was corrupted and killed during the “week.” Did the Master target normal human beings as well?

        1. I don’t know haha. I like the fact he has no powers. Makes him more real. Plus i like his humour and his relationship with Black Canary.

      1. Poor guy lol.
        Really looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds. Wonder if the corrupted characters will stay permanently corrupted or if they can be ‘saved’

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