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  1. Cheating whores!, i’m not gonna lie, this comic really is interesting but honestly I’m starting to get kind of bored of it, when are we gonna see some fighting? I don’t just mean fighting with one side is slaughtering the other, actual real fighting, also what’s gonna happen to Batman’s pregnant wives now? Also I really wish more than one page we’re getting released at once, PS please tell me straight up, are the souls of the people inside Nyarlathotep Trapped forever or is there a way to get them out? And is Diana lost for good? Because I know the outer gods are powerful but I know they’re not unkillable

    1. I too would like to see the “good guys” put up more of a fight now and then, even if they still lose in the end. For Batman’s wives, from the preview images it looks to me like the angel guy burns away the evil from them, like how he did for Batman but in a huge fire.
      If you want all the pages for the month at the same time (and earlier) you can get that for $1 per month on patreon.
      For the trapped souls, I am convinced they can be gotten out, because we saw an identifiable soul in the orb in the part with Constantine, so we know the superheroines souls are preserved in there.
      No idea if Diana is lost for good. It seems likely based on how yhis has gone so far, but the writer could easily have a happy ending for the good guys if he wants to

  2. The master is so powerful already, he doesn’t even have to be there himself to corrupt heroines and get rid of everyone else. All he needs is an army of those bugs and let them do their thing. He can just lay back and wait for for the bug-infested heroines to come to him.

    1. The way I see it: He can corrupt them with those bugs. However, to unlock their ‘full potential’, He needs to fuck them to turn them into Nightgaunts.

  3. who are all the females in this chapter?

    And this is the first time a male has been corrupted, isn’t it?

    1. I wouldn’t say the male has been corrupted. It’s more like he is being used as a mind-controlled double agent, but only as long as the remains of his body are somehow useful. I think equally to what happened to Ollie in chapter 1+2.

  4. I just want to see more and more of WOnder WOman’s corruption. She is SO stuckup in the cartoons and comics that I just want to see her drown in semen and cocks.

  5. I want good guys winning the fights these are completely one sided which is boring. Make good guys wins too the comics will be more interesting to watch then

  6. Is Lightray dead? Is that him cut in half or is just what the telemetry (tv screen) can only show partial?

  7. I just realized. This watchtower backup pod, or whatever, is outside the quarantine force field. Which means, the master now has 4 agents outside that field including a mother box (whatever that is). So I assume the master has now the tools to disable or destroy the quarantine field?!

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