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    1. The “Bug”, that crawled into her Mouth, maybe.
      The big Beast seems to be something else.

      I’m still wondering: Were they left behind as a Trap, or are they just there by Chance?

  1. apologize for the mistakes. My English is poor.
    But for some reason this situation seems strange and / or stupid. I understand that at the beginning the heroes did not yet know what they were facing. I understand that the heroines need to get into such situations, because this is still a porn comic.

    BUT! If it is known that heroines can be perverted, why are they even taken to such a place?
    If they’ve come here, why aren’t they covering their other backs?
    If they are divided into pairs, then why do not the male and the female go in pairs?
    And if they are in a pair, then did her partner really not hear the noise of battle, screams and calls for help?

  2. I know this is a nit pick but can we get some more female characters with pubic hair, it’s a personal preference I guess but seeing almost every nude female character shaved/waxed completely bald is kind of boring

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