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  1. Man, its about time and I gotta say a couple things
    1) You are an IMPECCABLE artist
    2) Not only is the quality of your smut content top-tier, but you have created a truly compelling story over these 450+ pages and it keeps me coming back

    Also wanted to ask, 1) you ever consider publishing the work as some sort of coffee table size book whenever it’s finished? We’d buy the he’ll out of it, and 2) are we going to see more of why the powers of Heaven could kill nightgaunts like Frost and Ice?

    Thanks mate! Keep the ink flowin’ and smiles comin’!

    1. Hi Duke. Thanks for your kind words. A physical copy of Forsaken Souls is very unlikable. Not only would I have to dodge some legal landmines but the distribution logistics could certainly be overwhelming. As for why the power of heaven was able to work against Ice and Frost is because many mystical objects could have a similar effect over them. Just the same way as Superman being vulnerable to magic.

    1. According to her dedicated wiki, the Lasso “is able to restore people’s lost memories, hypnotize people, get rid of illusions, and people who are in its circumference will be protected from magical attacks. Empowered by the Fires of Hestia, the Lasso forces anyone held by it to tell and understand the absolute truth. Recently, the Lasso has been shown to actually transport Diana’s mind into that of whomever is tied within it.”

      I’m guessing BP is going to have it work like a mix between M’gann Ravens corruption, whereshe has to feel all of Donna’s pleasure and see into her mind the inevitable truth, and it will break her last resistance. Or, that Mkuu/Batman who she loves has always been exercising according to Ny’s will

  2. I had an Idea, that it might be the corrupted Lasso. But I also figured, that could also be a Part of Nyarlathotep himself.

    However, I find it a bit superfluous:
    Hadn’t Nyarlathotep complained to Harley Quinn on Page 163, that his corrupting Aura had become so strong, that he could corrupt and “conquer” virtually any Woman just by his mere Presence?

    That was already the Case with the Titans (Pages 195 to 232, practically the entire Chapter 9). Only Raven could resist him longer, because of her Blood/Ancestry.

    And now he should be infinitely stronger and more powerful.

    1. Also, I don’t understand why he would want to break Diana’s Will in the first Place…

      Doesn’t he want to make Diana his Queen (Or at least a Goddess, almost his Equal?) and shouldn’t she at least have free Will of her own? And her Soul?

      If he breaks her first and then steals her Soul, won’t she just become a Nightgaunt just like the others and thus hisThrall?

      1. I agree. Reading it I wondered, why does he want to completely break her will first? I think at this point it’s just the fetish / there’s no plot-based reason for it. We can assume Nyarlo gets off on domination fetish lol. Personally I enjoy watching them broken / giving in due to overwhelming sexy pleasure as they turn, but other people have different preferences.

  3. thank you for your amazing work. I hope that the transformation of wonder woman will take time, that she will taste pain and pleasure with her buttocks for long pages. pushing the perversity to the extreme, I think of insect insertions of transformation of her breasts, of gigantic prolapse….

  4. All right, maybe I overreacted a little bit ago with that last comment I had made, it’s just I’m really passionate about justice league stuff in the DC universe, and I know it’s just a porn comic, and I think it’s interesting that’s why I’m still reading it after all these years, black Farro I think your comic is awesome it’s really well drawn I do kind of wish she was in color though, But it’s still cool, honestly this is more than a porn comic, most of them that I’ve read are only a few pages long and that said this is like Nearly 500 pages long, honestly I never would’ve thought about putting the outer gods into this universe, so bravo to you for that, I am really anxious to see how the story ends and to see that awesome final battle, I do also wish that more than just one page was released every four days, but how you do your own thing is your business, I do hope however someone does show up and fight him and save Diana, but hey it’s your comic, can you please at least tell me one thing, is a good fight scene coming up soon? And are we gonna see Batman square off against this guy?

      1. When you say final battle, I assume you mean the very end of the story? Considering your recent statement, that the comic is half finished, and your release cycle, wouldn’t it take 4-5 years before we actually see that battle?

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