Page 45

Page 45

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3 Replies to “Page 45”

  1. This is easily one of the best corruption superhero parodies ever. If possible, how about making the superheroine’s corrupted appearance resemble their original selves a little bit more? Maybe retain some of their original costume at least. Right now, they could all be twins. Thanks for the great work! Can’t wait to see the next page.

    1. I try to make each corrupted heroine different, and try to leave part of their original costumes in the new ones, but so far you’ve only seen a couple of them fully suited, but your recommendation is most welcome and it will be taken into consideration.

  2. Thanks BP! After looking more closely, I guess I’m seeing some subtle elements of their old costume in the new ones. It’s very very subtle though. Glad there is no top hat for Zee though! Hopefully the new converts’ suites will have more obvious elements. Thanks for the great work!

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