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  1. Poor Booster! A bit of a Shame, that he ended up as Cannonfodder.
    And poor J’onn. He won’t get out of this alive, too.

    Hoping to finally get a reply (even a negative one if you like):
    What about Grail (Darkseid’s daughter) and Doomsday?

    1. I honestly doubt they will show up. Grail is honestly a bit obscure (and besides, there’s little to no mention of Darkseid at all), and Doomsday doesn’t have much characterization besides “I destroy everything in my path,” so including him wouldn’t add much to the story.

  2. Nice art, I like how Mera’s outfit shows nipples even in the “less sexy” parts of the story.
    Now, I still love this comic, I just want to point out what I see as some major plot holes. I often notice the “good” characters in this story act like complete imbeciles. If the outer powers had not (I’m joking) hit all the heroes with a stupidity ray right from the beginning, I think the good guys would have won… so here are my perceived plot holes with this page:
    – Booster can project force fields. (according to Wikipedia)
    – Adam, WW and Martian (even without Booster) could take on corrupted Mera and an army of mooks no problem. See TV Tropes on Mooks and (sort of) Just One Man.
    – Why are they so worried about the chamber filling with water? Presumably, Atlantis is deep underwater, so they are going to be traveling through underwater areas for some time anyway, as they head for the surface. They must have a way to deal with being underwater. Booster could have used his force field for this, hehe.
    – Bonus: Isn’t Atlantis completely flooded anyway? Why is there air in this chamber?
    Like I said, I still love this comic. It’s frustrating sometimes when the good people are SO stupid, I kind of wish the evil would actually trick or outsmart them instead of just facerolling all the time. Anyway, good vibes, looking forward to the upcoming pages.

  3. No, not Booster Gold. He’s my fav after Red Hood and Damian Wayne’s Robin. Please let J’onn regroup with the A.T.O.M. who’s MIA after JLA Watchtower went kaboom. And if Adam can take out a Cthulu God like this why can’t he take out Black Pharaoh too?

    1. To me, this Diagon looked more like a failed Crossbreed between an Iguana and a Piranha.
      But definitely not like a God or a Deity.
      His only two Specialities were these Control Parasites and that he could speak.

      The Black Pharaoh, on the other hand, has Invulnerability, Energy Projection, a corrupting Aura, Shapeshifting, Super Strength and certainly a Bunch of other Abilities.
      His main Ability is, he absorbs the Powers of his soon-to-be Nightgaunts. (See pages 72 and 73, Faust’s explanation). He leaves his Servants with a Copy of their Powers?
      In addition, his Nightgaunts suck other male Meta-Beings “dry”, rob them of their Lifeforce and Souls and transfer them to the Black Pharaoh. Which makes him even stronger.
      And if You look at the List of Victims so far (Shazam, Superman, Supergirl, Zatana, Mary Marvel, Madam Xanadu, Powergirl, Doctor Fate, Miss Martin, Raven, Starfire, Killer Frost, Ice, Fire, and many more), then Black Adam would look quite old if he would fight the Pharaoh now. Not even spoken of the Nightgaunts.

    2. I looked up Dagon. He’s not necessarily very powerful, and some “Dagons” might actually just be old Deep Ones that grew to a huge size over centuries

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